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Inspection of the integrity of the enamel coating of the fermenter tank

Surface preparation

Cleaning the substrate of coarse deposits.

Carrying out the inspection

  • measurement of the dry thickness of the enamel coating (ground access and rope access)
  • visual inspection of the integrity of the enamel coating (ground access and rope access)
  • preparation of protocols and final inspection reports

CORROTECH ENGINEERING s.r.o. carries out inspections and evaluations of equipment from the point of view of corrosion, not only in the course of its applications, but also as a separate service to clients. We have our own team of regularly trained corrosion inspectors and corrosion engineers who hold international certifications such as FROSIO, AMPP (NACE, SSPC) and APC. As a company we are a member of the Association of Corrosion Engineers (AKI). Equipment inspections are also carried out as high rise work with rope access. We offer complete inspection and consulting services in the field of corrosion protection surface treatments, including the preparation of expert opinions and proposals. We are ready to issue test reports with the output of measured values, photo documentation and all other requirements of the inspection report. We also issue inspection reports and reports in English or German with all internationally required parameters.

During a visual inspection of the internal surface of the fermenter tank by the operator during the shutdown, the failure of the enamel corrosion protection of the steel structure in the upper area of the tank (from +14 m to +15 m) was suspected throughout the perimeter of the tank. Furthermore, local damage to the enamel coating of the steel structure of the fermenter was suspected due to abrasion in the lower part of the tank in the area of the connection to the concrete bottom (from 0 m to + 0.35 m). Mechanical removal of a coarse deposit in this area (similar in colour to the corrosion product) has disproved the suspicion of direct degradation of the steel substrate. Sediment deposits of the same colour were found around the perimeter of the reservoir in the area from +14 m to +15 m. Subsequent examination of the thickness of the enamel coating confirmed this fact.