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Anti-abrasive / anti-corrosion protection of the expansion cone in the slag silo

Surface preparation

Degreasing, pressure washing, abrasive blasting to cleanliness grade Sa 2½, roughness profile ISO comparator – Medium G.

Application of masses

Applied Products:
REZORECT 198 Dry Surface Primer; REZORECT 125 Ceramic Wearing Compound

Applied coating systems:
NS1 = 8 000 μm DFT

Applied substrate:
Outer surface of expansion cones; Hardox 500; 2 x 40 m²


  • decontamination of the substrate from dirt, oils and grease
  • surface preparation according to ISO 8501-1 to purity grade Sa 2½
  • application of the base coat REZORECT 198
  • application of the anti-abrasion layer REZORECT 125
  • carrying out the relevant quality tests according to the PKZ

CORROTECH ENGINEERING s.r.o. provides highly professional services in the field of surface preparation and application of special coating systems for the most demanding stress environments and various industrial equipment. The REZORECT epoxy coating system, filled with special glass microflakes and ceramic reinforcement, is the ideal choice for anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion protection of the shatter cone, protecting the applied substrate in the long term and extending the life of the steel shatter cone structure in highly abrasive environments.

Efficient REZORECT solutions are used in a wide range of industries, both to reduce downtime and maintenance costs. These include the energy, wastewater, oil and gas, petrochemical, pulp and paper, mining, minerals, marine and sustainable energy industries.