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Renovation of the internal corrosion protection of the drinking water supply line DN1600

Surface preparation

Automated cleaning of damaged paint and coarse deposits, technological blasting to the Sa 2 cleanliness level, mechanical surface preparation for paint application, decontamination of the substrate from impurities, oils, grease and salts, surface preparation according to ISO 8501-1 to the Sa 3 cleanliness level for paint application.

Application of masses

Applied Products:

Applied coating systems:
NS-1A = 1 200 μm DFT

Applied substrate:
Inner pipe surface DN1600; Carbon steel; 623 mb; 3 124 m²


  • automated cleaning of damaged paint and coarse deposits
  • mechanical preparation of the surface for the application of coatings
  • decontamination of the substrate from dirt, oils, grease and salts
  • surface preparation according to ISO 8501-1 to purity grade Sa 3
  • application of POLYGLASS PPA primer
  • application of CORROFILL VE filler material
  • application of laminating layer LR 600 + Glass cloth 600 g/m²
  • application of the POLYGLASS VEF corrosion barrier
  • carrying out the relevant quality tests according to the PKZ

CORROTECH ENGINEERING s.r.o. provides highly professional services in the field of surface preparation and application of special coating systems for the most demanding stress environments and various industrial facilities, including critical infrastructure facilities. The CORROCOAT POLYGLASS VE vinyl ester coating system (approved for contact with drinking water) filled with special glass microflakes is the ideal choice for long-term corrosion protection of the internal parts of drinking water pipes, protecting the substrate of the steel structure from the effects of corrosion. Ultra-high pressure waterjet blasting with Falch® technology with a robotic rotary attachment was used to remove the original damaged paint and coarse dirt. In the process of abrasive blasting with steel grit, a mobile suction and recycling unit from MAL MECHATRONIK was used with a positive impact on the speed of the process and minimal requirements for hazardous waste disposal.

CORROCOAT has been successfully fighting corrosion for more than 45 years. It uses innovative mechanical engineering combined with anti-corrosion technology to provide long-term protection for both new and damaged equipment. It uses special composite and structural coatings in conjunction with technical processes to individually address corrosion problems. With a focus on quality, refurbishment procedures are a proven, cost-effective weapon to win the battle against corrosion in the long term.