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Pipeline elbow leak stop in operation

Surface preparation

Workshop production of fibreglass components. Decontamination of soluble impurities from the knee surface. Surface preparation by mechanical cleaning.

Application of masses

Applied Products:

Applied coating systems:
NS1 = 5 000 μm DFT

Applied substrate:
Outer part of pipe elbow with leakage and previous coating; 1 pc


  • Workshop production of fibreglass components
  • Decontamination of soluble impurities from the knee surface
  • Surface preparation by mechanical cleaning
  • Application of fibreglass components
  • Application of lamination reinforcement
  • Application of the top layer POLYGLASS VE HA

CORROTECH ENGINEERING s.r.o. provides highly professional services in the field of surface preparation and application of special coating systems for the most demanding stress environments and various industrial equipment. POLYGLASS coatings filled with special glass microflakes enable bandaging processes of damaged equipment with the possibility of stopping leaks directly in operation without the need for downtime.

CORROCOAT has been successfully fighting corrosion for more than 45 years. It uses innovative mechanical engineering combined with anti-corrosion technology to provide long-term protection for both new and damaged equipment. It uses special composite and structural coatings in conjunction with technical processes to individually address corrosion problems. With a focus on quality, refurbishment procedures are a proven, cost-effective weapon to win the battle against corrosion in the long term.